terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010


This sketch represents one of my first steps on digital.
All this technology that I was learning at that time, made me become fascinated about the possibility of mixing in one aesthetically homogeneous image my own drawings, photography and classic masters paintings.

Here is a passage from Hamlet that inspired me to do this illustration:
"Oh!" Shouted the queen. "What a foolish and bloody act!"
"A bloody act, mother," replied Hamlet, "but not as bad as yours, when you killed a king and married his brother."

Na altura tinha ilustrado dois livros infatis para a Contexto Editora, adaptações de Shakespeare por Charles e Mary Lamb, por entusiasmo comecei a ilustrar o Hamlet.
A cara do Polonio roubei a um pastor de um quadro clássico, mas não me lembro de qual.

More forShaespeare:

And here.

3 comentários:

Cate disse...

Muito bonito!

Nuno Fonseca disse...

O seu comentário também Cate!

Cate disse...

Gosto do tratamento plástico e das cores da ilustração. :-)

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