domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

EMILIS RUT (Emylis, Descobrimentos - Daina Dubauskaite)

A few days ago I met my friend Emilis at Lounge Bar (Lisbon) and he told me about the set he is mixing for this lithuanian site:

Emilis told that's a world music set, musics he found since he is living in Portugal. Afro, jazz, funk, latin... from african and south american countries. That's why he called it "descobertas". Emilis also explained to me that the site is mostly listened by lithuanian and they are not so used  to the music from portuguese former colonies (like some from Brasil, Angola, Cape Vert, Mozambique...) that's why it would be interesting to provide this set.

Then I thought - this music is really good and it has to be disclosed, Emilis is doing a very good job in my opinion!

I listen to this kind of music (angolan, brasilian...) since I was born, which is a privilege that has to be recognized. That's normal for any portuguese guy as I am. Actually, as a lot of people from here, I did lived in Angola in the begining of the seventies when Angola was a portuguese colony. For instance, one of my sisters still lives there  seasonally. I have a lot of (portuguese) friends living (or that lived) in Mozambique, Angola, Brasil, Cape Vert, Guinea... and also people that were born there. Portugal is really close to these countries. We have an old/strong family relation, maybe even more closer than the connection between Portugal and most of european countries, beyond Spain.

As I found this project so cool I proposed to do the cover image which Emilis kindly accepted. So the way managed to represent the idea of discovering world music from Portugal was gathering a 16th century wind-rose design with geometrical shapes frequently present on folklore artifacts around the world - south american guarani tribes, carlifonian indians, maasai warriors, ghana house paintings, maghrebian carpets, iberian neolitic culture...

By the way, it is an amazing experience listening this great set while you are eating the most iconic lithuanian dish coked by him self - Cepelinai!

Sadly I still don't know much about lithuanian music but I really want to and I will! :)


And the 28 musicians/bands are:

Black Truth Rhythm Band; Paciência De Jo (Tita Lima); Cassimbas Negras, Cos-Ber-Zam; De Frank Professionals; Enemy Earth; Ferreira Do Nascimento; Fred Fisher; Konkoma; Le Super Borgou De Parakou; Mahlathini And The Queens; Maria Gadu; Mas Ka Kle; Modo Solar; Mongo Santamaria; Nana Adomako Nyamekye; Nickodemus; Peyo Torres y sus Diablos del Ritmo; Phillip Malela And The Movers; Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo; Saravah Soul; Shina Williams & His African Percussionists; T. O. Jazz; The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination; The Mgababa Queens; The Ogyatanaa Show Band; The Pharaohs and Toure Kunda.

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