segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

1755 (dia de todos os santos)

9:40 AM - About 255 years ago, at this very hour, one
of the biggest earthquake ever registered in human history ocurred. That together with a big tsunami, devastated almost all the great city of Lisbon and south of Portugal. It was so big that, as consequence of it, anomalies were felt in the waves at the shore of Sweden.

In this horrible picture, I tried to imagine how the Praça do Comercio - main square, symbol of the reconstruction of Lisbon after the tragedy, would become if it hapened again and if the necessary efforts of prevention will never take place.

It is a bit insane to think this way but it can hapen again at any moment and
we must be prepared.

A questão é se os esforços dos nossos antepassados, para criar uma cidade onde tal tragédia não volte a acontecer, foram respeitados.

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